Interview with Matthew Stanford

The Mental Health Pandemic That the Church Must Step Into

An Interview with Dr. Matthew Stanford

The world has seen the growth of mental health issues and concerns skyrocket over the last couple years. Research has shown that currently more than two in five U.S. adults say our communities need mental health assistance more than ever, and 50% of teens have developed a mental health issue during the pandemic. Although the isolation and anxiety have grown, so has the ability for the church to reach people right where they are.


Colleen and Dr. Matthew Stanford have a very real, raw conversation about what the church and Christians can and should be doing to bring hope and healing to this mental pandemic.


  • How the pandemic brought mental health home for everyone
  • What mental health is
  • The non-verbal clues to look for
  • How pastors should respond
  • The problem with the mental health stigma
  • Qualities of a safe church
  • How to deal with mental challenges with grace
  • Caregiving for those with mental illness


You can purchase Stanford’s book Madness & Grace: A Practical Guide for Pastoral Care and Serious Mental Illness on Amazon.

Visit the Hope and Healing Center & Institute online. If you, your church, your school, or faith community would like training and additional resources, please visit Mental Health Gateway’s website. Visit the Hope and Healing Center & Institute on Facebook.

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