About Colleen

Once upon a time, I strived for perfection. I read every how-to book, wishing a little fairy dust could sprinkle away problems I couldn’t control. Everything changed the day I found my daughter’s words on a suicide note scratched on a piece of wrinkled paper. Not long after, my first marriage ended in a messy divorce. A single parent of three, each of my children faced serious challenges. My youngest was diagnosed with more disabilities than there are letters in the alphabet, my middle son had learning challenges and struggled in school, and my daughter was self-harming and severely depressed. The picture-perfect family I envisioned had fallen apart.

Years have passed. My kids have healed and grown. My youngest will live with disabilities for the rest of his life unless the Lord chooses otherwise. I continue to devour books on everything from spiritual development to neurobiological advancements, but the motivation for learning has shifted. I’ve learned to embrace that life is broken and people are hurting, but in the midst of it all, God is always good and faithful even though it often feels otherwise.

I’m honored to serve as the director of Reframing Ministries at Insight for Living Ministries. Reframing means choosing to look at life through a different lens, one that is accurate, honest, and aligned with God’s Word. When we change our perspective, we see life in new ways. It’s all about coming to the end of ourselves and embracing God’s plan. Remembering His good plan requires we release ours to Him.

My desire is that you will find help, hope, healing, and a lot of humor here. It is specifically designed with you in mind—not the “almost perfect,” “put together” you; rather, the you that is human and shows up just as you are. Here you will find articles, videos, interviews, podcasts, and more. Most importantly, I hope the resources on this page remind you how valuable you are and that God isn’t done writing your story. Perhaps a little “reframing” will make all the difference. Come check it out!


In 1993, Colleen graduated with a degree in Communications and a double-minor in Education and Psychology. Colleen’s passion is to connect and encourage caregivers, domestic-abuse survivors, the disabled, and those struggling with challenges of faith and life. She also loves to read and apply God’s Word through writing, speaking at events and conferences, and teaching Bible studies. Colleen’s favorite time is spent with her husband, Toban whom she married in 2009. Together, they share five grown children, two of whom are married. Calling themselves the “Blended Bunch,” they love playing games, making music, and filling the home with a lot of laughter. When time permits, she enjoys working in her yard, exercising, and reading. Colleen and Toban reside in Frisco, Texas.

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