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The Power of a Renewed Mind

An Interview with James E. Ward Jr.

Victimsare speaking up and being heard like never before. Slammed across news channels and social media sites are horrific stories of bullying, inappropriate sexual behavior, domestic violence, and human trafficking, to name just a few.While these experiences are horrible, they offer something revolutionary.Raised in the deep south, James E. Ward Jr. never saw someone of […] Continue readingMore Tag
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What You Don’t Know about Insight for Living Ministries—Forty Years Later

Ithappened in the summer of 1979. Emerging from under my parent’s bed, it grew quickly and landed on our kitchen table. Everything in life was about to change.I was four weeks away from starting junior high. Throughout childhood, my dad was a faithful father and dedicated local pastor. Our lives were simple. Raising four kids […]

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