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The Power of a Renewed Mind

An Interview with James E. Ward Jr.

Victims are speaking up and being heard like never before. Slammed across news channels and social media sites are horrific stories of bullying, inappropriate sexual behavior, domestic violence, and human trafficking, to name just a few. While these experiences are horrible, they offer something revolutionary. Raised in the deep south, James E. Ward Jr. never […]

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David and Jason Benham

Daring Greatly in a Declining Culture

An Interview with David and Jason Benham

What makes cowards run and champions rise? How is it that some people can face their fears, die to their dreams, and still have an abundant, fulfilling life? The book of Daniel answers these questions. David and Jason Benham know exactly what it’s like to live courageously—like Daniel. Their message leads us all down that path. […]

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Does Your Child Have PTSD?

An Interview with Jolene Philo

In the Civil War, it was called a “soldier’s heart.” During the Industrial Revolution, it was “compensation neurosis.” During World War I, it was labeled “shell shock.” In World War II, it was defined as “battle fatigue or combat exhaustion.” During the Korean and Vietnam Wars, experts called it “stress response syndrome.” Finally, the Diagnostic […]

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