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Tools for Those in Need of Mental Health Support

An Interview with Joe Padilla

Few things are more acutely examined than the human body. Of all its organs, the brain is the most complex. No other organ controls human functioning like the brain. However, what makes the brain totally unique is its connection to our overall well-being. The brain affects how we function physically, emotionally, relationally, personally, and spiritually. […]

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How to Turn That Frown Upside Down

A simple shift in thinking makes all the difference.

[guestpost] Let this article by my Dad, Chuck Swindoll, bless you this holiday season! [/guestpost] Too often, we pastors tend to wear our smiles upside-down. The burdens of ministry—especially during the busy holidays—often cause our joy to droop into deep-wrinkled frowns. In case you need a little help with this assignment, read through this psalm […]

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Kay Warren

Seeing in the Dark: Mental Health in the Church Today

An Interview with Kay Warren

You may be shocked by what you are about to read: After cancer and heart disease, suicide accounts for more years of life lost than any other cause of death. 41,149 suicides were reported in 2013—that’s two suicides for every reported murder, one suicide death every 12.8 minutes1“Facts and Figures,” American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, […]

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