Reframing Ministries

What do you do when life throws a curve-ball and leaves you crushed? Without warning, a diagnosis, death, divorce, demotion, or unimaginable life difficulty derails you and moving forward quickly appears impossible. Our first question is often “WHY?”. . . followed by “What do I do now?”

Oh friend . . . I’ve been there! I understand exactly where you are!

This is why Reframing Ministries was birthed . . . From being crushed and questioning my faith . . . all without a clue of how to move forward.

Through time, intentional growth, and a drive to find hope, God reframed my perspective. He led me through a process of healing which was life changing; I’m now equipped to help others find peace and purpose as God reframes each of our lives. For families in crisis, exhausted caregivers, hospital patients, and those trying to survive the unexpected crushing of life, the reframing process is life-changing. We know how to come alongside you through each stage . . . from ruined to renovated, and then fully restored . . . so you can be equipped and encouraged to live fully and abundantly.

Our podcast, website (full of blogs, books, and resources), workshops, and social media, provides biblically grounded, hands on practical tools, and encouragement to help you get back on your feet. You will grow, become resilient, obtain tools to problem solve, think strategically, and live mindfully. The Reframing process is for YOU!

I hated being crushed, I’m sorry if you are there now. But God has brought you here and I have hope.  Together, let’s reframe where you are because your best days are ahead! I BELIEVE in YOU!

Colleen Swindoll Thompson

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For more information about how to reframe your own life, Colleen has written two books to help, Reframing Life: Focusing on God When Life Gets Sideways and When Life Isn’t Fair: What They Didn’t Tell Us in Sunday School.

What is “Reframing?”

The reframing process is not a sequence or formula, but a set of guiding principles that lead to healing.

R Reflect on my beliefs.

E  Examine expectations.

F  Find support.

R  Renew commitments.

A  Affirm the positive.

M  Manage adjustments.

I  Imagine new beginnings.

N  Navigate the next steps.

G  Go where God leads.