Reframing Ministries

Sometimes, we get stuck in life’s ruts. Ever feel stuck? If so, you don’t have to remain there!

Insight for Living Ministries can help you climb out . . . with Reframing Ministries.

If the name Reframing Ministries is unfamiliar to you, that’s okay, because it’s the brand new name for the Special Needs Department of Insight for Living Ministries.

Here’s how it will help you even more than it has.

Led by Colleen Swindoll Thompson, Reframing Ministries offers help, hope, and a good bit of humor to those enduring difficult situations in life. Our goal is to bridge the gap sometimes left between a person struggling in life and his or her local church.

Our passion goes beyond being an encouragement for those with special needs or their caregivers. Reframing Ministries seeks to help people suffering the sting of divorce, abuse, loss, or countless other unexpected events. Our interviews, blog posts, and personal correspondence are purposed that we might work together to connect, to feel alive, and to find meaning in life.

What is “Reframing?”

The reframing process is not a sequence or formula, but a set of guiding principles that lead to healing.

R Reflect: What beliefs, behaviors, choices, and attitudes have brought me to where I am today?

E  Examine: What expectations have I had of God? Am I disappointed, sad, angry, or doubting God’s presence or promises?

F  Find Support: Whom can I trust to walk with me through the process of mentoring and accountability?

R  Renew Commitments: Write down my values and core beliefs, and read them out loud twice a day.

A  Affirm the Positive: What goals and choices am I making for positive growth and change?

M  Manage Adjustments: Am I adaptable to change?

E  Explore Opportunities and Options: What am I passionate about? How can God use me to help others in need?

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