A Possible Revolution

It was a bustling Sunday morning at church. The children’s classes and adult fellowships overflowed with folks who appeared focused as well as fulfilled. The church was highly respected throughout the community and centrally located in one of the fastest growing cities of the nation. A visiting couple assessed the morning’s activities. Because their son […]

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Truth or Myth?

It’s time to explore the truth (and myths) about our disabled population. Don’t run! For those who preach and teach the Word of God, your calling includes those with diseases and disabilities. I urge you to evaluate your attitude regarding them. Consider the following questions with reflection and examination. Be both teacher and student, presenter […]

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Creatures of Habit

I am definitely a creature of habit, and maybe you are too. A habit provides a sense of security and simplicity. Studies show that with persistence and patience a habit can be created in about 30 days. However, sometimes we have harmful habits that hinder our spiritual growth. Consider for a moment what you believe […]

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