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Father and Son

A Life-Changing Way to Look at Your Relatives

We waited more than a year for this day to come. My husband, my son with disabilities, and I arrived early to the courthouse. It was 9:30 in the morning as we walked nervously toward the room that would change my son’s life. My son is now a legal adult. But he will never really be an “adult” as you and I may define adult, unless the Lord chooses to change how he currently functions.

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How to Turn That Frown Upside Down

A simple shift in thinking makes all the difference.

[guestpost] Let this article by my Dad, Chuck Swindoll, bless you this holiday season! [/guestpost] Too often, we pastors tend to wear our smiles upside-down. The burdens of ministry—especially during the busy holidays—often cause our joy to droop into deep-wrinkled frowns. In case you need a little help with this assignment, read through this psalm […]

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