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How to Crush the Killer Stalking Your Soul

Iwalked into my friend’s office feeling completely defeated. Only a few people in my life know how much I wrestle with trauma. For me, trauma is like an invisible terrorist, inflicting nightmares and flashbacks and prompting painful and fearful emotions to surface in the most unexpected ways.Trauma is an ever-moving, invisible target. The slightest scent […]

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Caregiver Questionnaire

Stress and Compassion Fatigue in Caregiving Families

Guest Post and Caregiver Questionnaire by Jolene Philo

My friend Jolene Philo is a seasoned caregiver. She’s my "go-to" friend when I feel like I can’t go on. Jolene is writing a book focused on helping caregivers live more fully and abundantly while juggling their many demands. To cover the topic well she put together a very short questionnaire, and the response was […]

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A Chance to Start Over This Year

Facing the music and focusing on how something fresh can change your life

Oneof the most encouraging things about a new year is the word new. It means “unfamiliar . . . made or become fresh . . . different from one of the same category that has existed previously,” says Webster.Simply put, it’s a place to begin anew.Starting over requires knowing where you are. Honestly admitting […]

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