An interview with James Ward, Jr.

The Power of a Renewed Mind

An Interview with James E. Ward Jr.

Victims are speaking up and being heard like never before. Slammed across news channels and social media sites are horrific stories of bullying, inappropriate sexual behavior, domestic violence, and human trafficking, to name just a few.

While these experiences are horrible, they offer something revolutionary.

Raised in the deep south, James E. Ward Jr. never saw someone of another race or color until elementary school. James had a choice—the same one we all have when life is far from fair or just.

His choice changed the entire direction of his life. Do you want to live as a victim, or do you want a different outcome? This interview addresses how to find liberty, happiness, and life regardless of what we have endured.

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Interview Questions

  1. Today, Colleen speaks with pastor James Ward Jr., author of Zero Victim: Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of Defeat.
  2. How do you define social law, spiritual law, and moral law?
  3. How do you know when you’re in bondage to faulty thinking?
  4. Why must we be honest about our present situation before we can move to a zero-victim mentality?
  5. Why is it so easy to think of ourselves as victims to something outside our control?
  6. How is “renewing our mind” critical to attaining a zero-victim mind-set?
  7. When tough times come, how can we learn to look at them as opportunities for growth?
  8. How do we distinguish between those who are truly victims and those who are merely trapped in victim thinking?
  9. How can focusing on victory in Christ help us change our thinking in our present circumstances?
  10. Why should we turn first to God’s Word instead of allowing our emotions to dictate how we feel about our circumstances?
  11. Why is God’s Word the key to freeing us from being victims?

Let Me Hear from You

The fastest way to be miserable is to have a victim mind-set. Dwell on what is unjust, on your sorrows and suffering, on what’s wrong and you will surely never be happy or free.

However, you have a choice. When you reframe and renew your mind and establish your thoughts on what is right and true, there is no limit to what God can do in and through you.

Regardless of our culture, you can live a life of victory, joy, and true peace. How can you incorporate a zero-victim mentality into your life today? What’s holding you back? Please connect with Reframing Ministries today!

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About James E. Ward Jr.James Ward Jr.

James serves as pastor of Insight Church in Chicago, Illinois. He is an author, speaker, corporate executive, life coach, and international leader on cultural and spiritual issues. James earned a Master of Divinity degree, founded several organizations, and is passionate about teaching people how to examine and reframe their circumstances. James and his wife live outside Chicago with their two fabulous teenagers.


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