Steve Fischer

Reframing Anxiety: God’s Good Plan in How We’re Made

An Interview with Steve Fischer

Anxiety . . . a word we often label negatively. We tend to put a “fear-based” frame around anxiety, forgetting to consider that anxiety may have a positive purpose.

As God made us, anxiety is an alarm system that awakens us to action in the here and now. However, today anxiety is focused on past events or assumed future challenges which result in fear-based living. Anxiety is exhausting unless we learn to reframe its purpose. If we want to live fully, addressing our core anxiety issues is essential.

Watch the Interview

In this interview, Steve Fischer highlights the positives of anxiety, how we complicate anxiety-producing challenges, and how God can help us view anxiety through the lens of . . .

  • Truth
  • Humility
  • Grace
  • Support

Steve offers a brilliant voice in the realm of anxiety—revealing its purposes and value in our daily lives.

Interview Questions

  1. How are we designed to respond to things that make us afraid?
  2. How can regular exercise help us combat anxiety?
  3. How does the Holy Spirit help the believer escape anxiety?
  4. How does remembering the truth help us fight anxiety?
  5. What are some practices that stop an anxious cycle?
  6. What can we say to those who are battling anxiety?
  7. How can the sovereignty of God be of comfort to us when we worry?
  8. Why is it necessary to experience adversity in order to grow?
  9. How is faith in Jesus our best defense against anxiety?

Let Me Hear from You

None of us is immune to anxiety-producing issues. Whether we’re reacting to the news and media or to our personal pain, anxiety is one of the most pervasive mental health challenges when viewed from society’s messages.

However, anxiety is a God-designed internal alarm of impending danger causing us to respond with immediate action. But due to,

  • Abuse
  • Biological
  • Neuro-chemical
  • Experiential patterns of living

Anxiety is perceived as a bad or “unspiritual” response in life’s greater challenges.

Steve outlined the truth of anxiety’s purpose as well as what we need to do to contain and correct our understanding of how valuable anxiety can be for us all. He ended the interview with a never-to-be-forgotten analogy of two communities:

  1. “Upstream”
  2. “Downstream.”

Unless and until we understand the root of our anxiety, we will view it as negative. Let’s reframe it.

If you struggle with any type of anxiety, please connect with our Reframing Ministries Department as we come alongside you in your hour of need.

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About Steve Fischer

Steve FischerAs the Pastor of Biblical Counseling at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, Steve provides confidential, Scripture-based counseling to individuals, couples, and families. In addition to his role as pastor-counselor, Steve is responsible for leading and developing SoulCare, which is Stonebriar’s extensive lay counseling program to train individuals in the fundamentals of being biblical encouragers. Steve earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse and a master of science degree in physiology from George Williams College in Chicago, Illinois. After working in the marketplace as a physiologist for more than 15 years, Steve operated a private Christian counseling practice in Plano for five years prior to joining the Stonebriar Community Church staff.

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