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God’s Navigation: Unexpected Plans for an Expected Good

An Interview with Meaghan Wall

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God’s Navigation: Unexpected Plans for an Expected Good

We all have certain fears or phobias—powerful and penetrating worries that can paralyze our thoughts and actions. Fear relates to feelings of anxiety, dread, worry, and is often highlighted when unanticipated twists and turns occur in life. Scripture repeatedly reminds us that faith is trusting Him when our plans change and when God chooses a uniquely different path for us.

As a pre-med student, Meaghan Wall had a wonderful life plan mapped out until God led her in an unexpected direction. Every circumstance, every opportunity, and every experience taught her several core lessons that brought her to where she is today.

Today, Meaghan’s work focuses on special needs and caregivers. Some questions addressed in this conversation are: Are you a caregiver who struggles to connect with others in your church? What could your church do to improve its caregiver focus?

Listen in as we revisit this conversation between Colleen and Meaghan. Meaghan reminds us that when we choose to let go of our human-made plans, God’s work and will for our lives leads to His working through us in ways we could have never imagined.

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