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Serving Families with Mental Health Disorders

An Interview with Steve Grcevich

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Serving Families with Mental Health Disorders

When does “bad parenting” end and “disabilities” begin?

In this conversation, Dr. Steve Grcevich tells us how to reach large numbers of families with disabilities who are living in the shadows of our steeples. No single church can meet every potential need of families intertwined with disabilities, but together we can thoughtfully consider how to create ministry environments that are welcoming to these families.

Most kids with mental health conditions receive special education services or accommodations at school resulting from their disabilities, so where is the church with approaching families and children with mental health conditions?

For us all, I ask how can we begin to bless those who are in need? Remember, it was Christ who called the weak most blessed in the Sermon on the Mount. How can your church reach those next door? If you have suffered pain in this area of life, we offer healing and hope in Colleen’s revisited conversation with Steve.

Show Notes:

Connect with Dr. Steve Grcevich on his blog or at Key Ministry’s Web site. Also, check out The Inclusive Church and Orange for their incredible disability resources. You can also purchase his book Mental Health and the Church from Amazon!

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