It’s confession time. I am now 44 years old . . . I think. I remember at age 13 thinking that people in their 40s had reached the summit of being “over the hill” and were gaining speed down the back side of life. Older people (ha! those 40-somethings) seemed to my 13-year-old mind to be constantly irritated, as […]

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A Possible Revolution

It was a bustling Sunday morning at church. The children’s classes and adult fellowships overflowed with folks who appeared focused as well as fulfilled. The church was highly respected throughout the community and centrally located in one of the fastest growing cities of the nation. A visiting couple assessed the morning’s activities. Because their son […]

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May It Be

The most significant transformations that occur in our lives are often hidden by pain, as God carefully and purposefully carves our souls into His form. Painful events, shocking discoveries, and dark valleys offer us the choice to either trust God’s Word or ignore it. This past year, I wrestled with some of the deepest struggles […]

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