Tending Sheep

by Annette Monts Falls

Friday, July 29, 2011 at 2:49pm-Journal Today

Tending SheepI’ve been asked to post the following written words that I expressed last night as a note that can be shared if desired. In all my years of wondering what the purpose was for much of the life I’ve been a participant, I am beginning to understand more that part of the purpose was to enable me to mentor other mothers/other families who find themselves in a similar circumstance. I’ve cried rivers of tears that certainly found their way to the oceans, questioned all the customary issues involved, fought to understand my faith has not been inadequate but instead steadfast, dog paddled from one crisis to another, stood under countless numbers of stars against the deep darkness of nightfall praying and wishing for wisdom, for answers, for clues, for strength. Words written on pages are inadequate, yet the words impressed upon our hearts can only truly be read by God’s Spirit living within us. Of course I’ve been angry. I’ve been shattered. I’ve been hurt and I’ve felt a victim of circumstances time and again. But deep inside this little girl’s heart, I’ve also felt a strong sense of fight; a strong sense of inner strength when it was least expected. I’ve felt a magnitude of forgiveness washed over me in ways I can’t comprehend as I’ve also forgiven things that I did not understand. I suppose one of my most pivotal lessons is that I, myself, am valued. Not for what I’ve done but because I am a redeemed child of God. Circumstances can cause a person to question value. It’s not what we are but who we belong to. Jesus Christ is my shepherd and He wants to be your shepherd too. For those who are not certain of your relationship with God, I hope something will touch a cord within you that leads you back into greater fellowship with him and a new found sense of peace. It’s not always green pastures. There are still treacherous hills to climb and rocks to maneuver, but I do know that those things are more easily accomplished together in belief that Our Shepherd never leaves our side. He knows that I grow weary, yet He also knows the incredible joy He has placed into my care. I hope I can help you find joy and purpose as you learn the new trails and new obstacles faced in your lives at present time. I pray you make it to the mountain top to see how far you’ve come. I pray you reside in the valley of safety after the journeys. God bless all of you and fill you with peace.

Personal note from Colleen: My admiration for Annette cannot be measured. I urge you to visit our Special Needs Facebook page and read her stories, her words of wisdom, and her authentic expressions of growth. The refiner’s fire has burned as a severe mercy, carving her soul into the image of Jesus Christ.