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Reframing Interviews: Healing in Mental Health

An Interview with Joe Padilla

Why is mental health in the church not always addressed seriously? Where do those who struggle with a continuing mental health battle go for help?

In order to help answer these questions, Joe Padilla started the Mental Health Grace Alliance. After 10 years of fighting personal struggles, Joe developed a life-changing recovery process and wellness plan that provides astounding hope for people who suffer from mental illness.

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There is a doctor or specialist and a healing protocol for almost every ailment, broken bone, torn muscle, or non-functioning organ in the body. Yet many who suffer from mental health challenges find it difficult to obtain viable, practical plans for treatment and recovery. This is shocking, considering that one in four Americans will experience some form of a mental health struggle in their lifetime.

In addition to sometimes unhelpful healthcare providers; friends, family members, and colleagues can be critical of those who suffer from mental health issues, believing their struggles are a result of unconfessed sin, a lack of faith, or demonic activity.[ref]Bob Smietana, “Mental Illness Remains Taboo Topic for Many Pastors,” LifeWay Research,, accessed May 19, 2015.[/ref]

Let Me Hear From You

Here are some questions only you can answer:

  • How do you react to someone in need?
  • Why do you think those with mental illnesses sometimes are treated with judgment and not with the same kind of support and care that those with other illnesses receive?
  • Do you accept or reject one who is cutting, suicidal, diagnosed with a mental health issue, depressed, in need of medication?
  • Have you yourself been stigmatized because of a mental illness?
  • Numerous solid programs exist, purposed to bring restoration. There’s also resources, planning tools, outlines, and people available to help you recover and find God’s purpose for your life? What’s holding you back from seeking your own restoration or helping others in need?

As we revisit this interview with Joe Padilla, we must remember that the Lord does not want us to just survive the challenges mental health issues can present, but He wants us to THRIVE beyond them!

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