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Ten Transforming Truths about Batons

I passed the baton last weekend . . . well, sort of. I’ll explain.

Baton—you’ve probably heard the word a hundred times, referring to the cylinder-shaped device athletes carry and trade off during races, or maestros use to lead orchestras, or policemen wield for protection. Batons are usually rather small but powerful.

Well, my baton was a little more cumbersome and clunky—it certainly wasn’t a race winner . . . unless you knew its purpose. My “baton” was a walker—one of those tried-and-true assistive devices I clung to for weeks following spinal-fusion surgery.

I clutched it with fearless abandon as I inched my way back to health. One agonizing step at a time, this walker helped me sustain my belief that I would be able to one day dance in my husband’s arms, run more races, dream new dreams. It was hope and vision wrapped up in an aluminum structure, with hearty rubber wheels and PVC handgrips.

Batons: Symbols of Hope

We all have batons in life. Sometimes batons show up in life as walkers, canes, glasses, hearing aids, or assistive devices that set us apart. That is okay. Let it set you apart. Here’s what you will learn.

Ten Qualities of Batons

  1. Humbling
  2. Hold us up when we are down
  3. Expect nothing
  4. Demand nothing
  5. Quiet
  6. Timeless
  7. Don’t measure external progress
  8. Accept us as we are
  9. Stay by our sides when waiting to be used
  10. Are dependable come rain or shine

Another baton of mine is scriptural truth. The Word of God is timeless, stabilizing, humbling to our ever independent, willful directions; it quietly brings light and life to our weary, broken souls. Perhaps what you need right now are God’s words of help and hope because life has fallen apart.

By tableatny (originally posted to Flickr as BXP135677) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By tableatny (originally posted to Flickr as BXP135677) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Find Your Batons

Look for your batons hidden in life’s changing and challenging circumstances. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, our batons show up as clunky, cumbersome devices or sometimes as people we care for who depend on us for daily life. Are you willing to show up . . . to let whatever ailment, device, or dependency become your story you share with another for hope?

I recently passed my baton to a loved one entering a huge time of need. My old baton is a symbol of hope for better days ahead. Isn’t that what batons were originally created for—the long haul, the relay race?

Let Me Hear from You

What is your baton? How has it changed your life? Are you passing it on to others? Reframe your perspective on batons; I promise it will open new hopes and dreams you never imagined otherwise. Will you share with me your batons? Regardless of size, it could be God’s tool to transform the world. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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