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Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing

An Interview with Wayne Stiles

Regardless of age, income, life experience, intelligence, relationship status, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs, we will all encounter one unavoidable, universal experience: waiting. Waiting can be as simple as sitting in traffic or as complicated as waiting for relief from pain. Waiting can be terribly irritating and confusing and seem so unproductive, unnecessary, and untimely.

I am convinced that waiting reveals more about character and human nature, second only to pain and loss. The truth is, some of God’s greatest works can be accomplished when we are forced to wait . . . to depend and to trust that He is at work and His plan is better than we can imagine. In this timely interview with Wayne Stiles, we discuss how God used years of painful waiting in Joseph’s life to change a nation. When your time comes, will you trust that God’s work is being accomplished when it seems He is doing nothing?

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Interview Questions

  1. What is it about the story of Joseph that inspired you to write this book?
  2. How can I know the desires of my heart are aligned with what God wants for me?
  3. How should I respond when God takes away something wonderful?
  4. How do we wait when we feel so stuck?
  5. Why is it essential to focus more on what we believe that what we feel?
  6. Why is God’s mercy sometimes a long-term proposition?
  7. How can we learn to be at peace with what God provides?
  8. How does Joseph’s story apply to us today?

Let Me Hear from You

Are you waiting on God right now? Have you been asking the question David asked: “How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever?” (Psalm 13:1). Have you reached the end of your rope, doubting that God cares about your pain, your loss, your dreams, your needs? Have you tried everything God tells us to do in Scripture, only to feel empty and exhausted . . . perhaps angry or indifferent?

Your feelings are real and so easy to understand because the experience of waiting is hard. For reasons only God knows—and we don’t have a right to have Him explain His ways—God has not forgotten you. In fact, He is doing a work in you that is beyond what you can possibly imagine.

Maybe it’s time to examine your heart and say, “God, I’m willing to trust You even though I don’t understand; I open my heart to You now.” Just think if Joseph had given up; Joseph’s life changed the world. So can yours if you will be willing to wait and trust God. Your story is just as important as Joseph’s; let’s see how God is going to use you as you wait patiently and give your waiting time to Him. I can’t wait to hear how God uses your life. Let’s connect!

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Wayne StilesWayne Stiles received his master of theology in Pastoral Ministries and doctor of ministry in Biblical Geography from Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005, after serving in the pastorate for 14 years, Wayne joined the staff at Insight for Living Ministries, where he led a team of writers, editors, and pastors as the executive vice president and chief content officer. Wayne currently serves as an adjunct instructor at Dallas Theological Seminary and as a freelance editor and writer. He writes a popular ministry blog that can be found at www.waynestiles.com. Wayne and his wife, Cathy, live in Aubrey, Texas, and have two daughters.

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