Dear Wayfaring Traveler

Dear wayfaring traveler, your journey so long
The night air’s dense, despairing, no song
The darkened soul wonders, confused and alone

This mystery of pain, so drained, forlorn

Dear wayfaring traveler, winter doth reveal
What binds up the soul, temptations that kill
The vice-grip of self, motivations deep hidden
Dark, longing desires of wishes forbidden

Dear wayfaring traveler, the journey you trod
Through land’s frozen tundra, no anger of God;
Bereavement and loss, the anguish in life
Releasing the bondage of self and of strife.

Dear wayfaring traveler, the burdens of blame
The bitter resentments, the justified claims;
The soul deeply shattered, the crucible spread wide
Burning away cruel hatred, resentment, cavernous pride

Dear wayfaring traveler, dark passages have purpose
The Lord’s faithful work, His truth now our focus
Unspeakable hope, new life out of ashes
His way is right, including the crosses.

—Colleen Swindoll, 2008

Copyright © 2008 by Colleen Swindoll. All rights reserved worldwide.