Rush Witt

Reaching for Hope When You Want to Run Away

An Interview with Rush Witt

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Reaching for Hope When You Want to Run Away

Have you ever felt like you just want to run away? The reality of our circumstances can leave us feeling overwhelmed and weary. What can we do when there are no signs of relief in sight? Join Colleen Swindoll Thompson and pastor and biblical counselor Rush Witt, as they dive into what to do when life is just too much.

Listen in to learn:

  • The things that need to be uncovered that can cause us to run away
  • What has already been done that will spark hope deep in your soul
  • The only escape that will truly satisfy
  • When it is necessary to give up


We pray this episode helps give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. To learn more about Rush Witt and his new book, I Want to Escape: Reaching for Hope When Life Is Too Much, visit his website,

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