An Interview with Nathan Sheridan

How God Redeems a Dysfunctional Childhood

An Interview with Nathan Sheridan

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How God Redeems a Dysfunctional Childhood

Are your childhood memories less than ideal? Do you struggle to see God’s goodness in it? Join Colleen Swindoll Thompson and singer/songwriter Nathan Sheridan, as they dive into his tumultuous childhood and how God took the pieces and transformed his life.

Listen in to hear:

  • The people God used along the way
  • How Nathan’s choices changed his future
  • What he did with the grief and hurt
  • How the setbacks set him up for success

Show Notes

We pray this episode helps give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. To learn more about singer/songwriter Nathan Sheridan and his latest album “Something Worth Singing About,” visit his website,

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