An Interview with Dr. John Townsend

Relational Truths When You Are Totally Tapped Out

An Interview with John Townsend

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Relational Truths When You Are Totally Tapped Out

Is your people tank running on fumes? Maybe you feel overloaded and have no capacity to deal with relationship issues, so you just ignore them and press on. Or maybe your schedule is so overwhelming that you deeply crave personal connection outside of the long list of daily to-do’s. Today Colleen Swindoll Thompson has the privilege of talking with Dr. John Townsend, a nationally-known leadership consultant, author, and psychologist, all about relationships.

Listen in to learn:

  • Relationship keys that work even when time-challenged
  • How to get acquainted with our own relational needs
  • Why we need give-and-take relationships
  • The relational nutrients needed for growth and health

Show Notes

You can read more about these relationship keys in Dr. Townsend’s book People Fuel.

Are you feeling stuck in your life and career? A growth program to help foster your 2.0 professional life may be just what you are looking for. Check out this short video from Dr. Townsend about the Townsend Institute here.

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