An Interview with Dane Ortlund

A Courageous Call: It’s Not What You Think

An Interview with Dane Ortlund

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A Courageous Call: It’s Not What You Think

Have you ever thought about what God feels when He sees His kids going through hell-on-earth? He is not just the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, He is our Abba Father. Join Colleen Swindoll Thompson and Dane C. Ortlund, pastor and author of Gentle and Lowly, as they discuss the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers and how we can best be His representatives here on earth.

Listen in to learn:

  • How our experience with suffering affects our loved ones
  • What to say to someone suffering (and it isn’t a bumper sticker response or cliché)
  • Why we are uncomfortable just sitting with someone in suffering

Show Notes

If you are amid a tragedy or trial, we pray this time together speaks encouragement to your soul. To learn more about God’s heart for you, check out all that Dane C. Ortlund has to share on his website,

You can also connect with Dane on Twitter, and you can see all his books available on Amazon.

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