Laura Story

Dealing with a Different Kind of Hard

An Interview with Laura Story

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Dealing with a Different Kind of Hard

Only two years into her marriage, Laura Story’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Walking down the aisle, she never expected her story to include being a life-long caregiver and primary bread winner. Today Colleen and Laura share a real and raw conversation on how she wrestled with her faith and life and how God brought a ministry from her place of weakness.

Listen in to learn:
• How to handle when you don’t feel God with you
• What God says about long-term disability
• How to not give power to our feelings
• How God’s good looks different than we think
• Why sin is the biggest problem in our lives, not the “thing” we are dealing with
• The reason for hope
• Why you don’t need someone to fix “it,” you just need Someone

Show Notes

You can find out more about Laura Story and her latest book So Long, Normal here.

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