Linda and Jennifer Barrick

In One Second Our Lives Changed Forever

An Interview with Linda and Jen Barrick

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In One Second Our Lives Changed Forever

Linda’s life was dramatically changed over a decade ago when a drunk driver struck their family van head-on going 80 mph, nearly killing them all. Among their injuries, Linda’s daughter, Jen, suffered a traumatic brain injury and wasn’t expected to live. Even though Jen still suffers from vision impairment and memory loss, God is using her story to change thousands of lives.

Today Colleen, Linda, and Jen share a real and raw conversation about faith, healing, and forgiveness. Linda’s and Jen’s faith, despite it all, is contagious. You will leave this episode changed.

Listen in to learn:

  • What to do when you wrestle with bad things happening to good people
  • The choice we make in hard times
  • What forgiveness isn’t
  • How Jen’s spirit was alive, even when her mind and body couldn’t communicate
  • The three P’s to do during dark times
  • How the Holy Spirit isn’t disabled
  • What a “flip-flop” is and how Jen uses it to continue living every day
  • How trauma squeezes out what’s in you
  • How to reframe everyday life into divine missions


You can find out more about Linda and Jen Barrick at, and you can purchase their latest book, Miracle for Jen.


What was your biggest “aha” moment or takeaway from our conversation with Linda and Jen Barrick today?

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