An interview with Jessica Ronne

When You Need Grit and a Whole Lot of Grace

An Interview with Jessica Ronne

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When You Need Grit and a Whole Lot of Grace

Do you wonder what the future holds? Are you longing for something but can’t put your finger on it? Do you feel unraveled by life’s unknowns? Today Colleen Swindoll Thompson talks with author and caregiver advocate, Jessica Ronne, as she shares some of her incredible story that includes losing a husband to brain cancer, raising a son with profound special needs, remarrying, and blending a family with seven children.

Listen in to learn:
• The gifts that come with caregiving
• What to do with the unknowns of life
• How to grieve and still live
• Why you need grit and grace in today’s world

Join us as Colleen talks with Jessica about her life story and her new book, Blended with Grit and Grace.

Show Notes:

Connect with Jessica on her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. You can purchase her book, Blended with Grit and Grace, on Amazon or an autographed book from her website.

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