An Interview with Jodie Ballenger

Beautifully Unbroken: The Prostitute’s Daughter Restored

An Interview with Jodie Ballenger

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Beautifully Unbroken: The Prostitute’s Daughter Restored

Jodie Ballenger spent her young life fighting authority and digging herself into a deep pit without the prospect of escape. Violence ensued as early battles with drugs and sexual abuse propelled her into a downward spiral. This eventually led to a SWAT team raiding her home, and she lost custody of her 9-month-old daughter. Jodie saw the remnants of a wasted life from behind the iron bars of two different prisons over the course of two years. She made a promise to herself that it was time to make a change.

Join Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and guest Jodie Ballenger as they walk through and unpack her thrilling and heartbreaking story of agony and redemption, showing that a road that seems hopeless can lead to all you ever need.

Listen in to hear:

  • An incredible story of redemption for everyone today
  • The struggles of a life marinated in trauma and abuse
  • How Jesus intersects our lives without us realizing it

We pray that the story shared in this episode will strengthen your soul to know that God IS the God of the impossible.


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