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Placing Anxiety at the Feet of the Almighty

An Interview with Amy Simpson

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Placing Anxiety at the Feet of the Almighty

Anxiety . . . it’s an invisible plague in the mind, a pervasive problem that permeates thought, an unsettling earthquake that rattles internal peace. Anxiety, as most know, is an obviously large problem in our world. Often we find ourselves entangled in webs of fear-laden thoughts, and instead of bringing our anxieties to the feet of the Lord, we habitually ruminate over what we cannot control—which only makes things worse. Amy Simpson knows this cycle all too well.

Amy was raised in an unstable environment, which caused tremendous confusion and anxiety. As an adult, Amy has faced her anxiety head-on and offers us all a freeing hope found in Christ.

Do you try to shut out anxiety by staying busy or attempting to fix what is uncomfortable or difficult? Without Christ, we will never find full rest and peace on this side of heaven. John 16:33 says:

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (NLT)

For those who struggle with anxiety, we must run to the truth which promises rest for the weary and peace for the anxious. If you have not already trusted Christ as your Savior, I ask you to lay down the fight, give your life and all its challenges to Christ, and trust Him as your Lord.

Listen to this revisited dialogue between Colleen and Amy in order to learn more about a peace of mind that transcends all understanding.

Show Notes:

You can find all of Amy’s information, resources, and ways to connect by going to her website.

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