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Seeing God’s Purpose and Promises through Blind Eyes

An Interview with Gordon Mote

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Seeing God's Purpose and Promises through Blind Eyes

We’ve all said a time or two, “Adulting is hard!” Daily traffic, kids crying, constant negative news, bills to pay, laundry to fold, food to cook . . . we’re all driven to distraction.

Sadly, such distractions also limit our focus on what’s vitally important. In fact, have you stopped recently to ask yourself what IS important?

Where is my focus? Have I become too narrow—so focused on today that my perspective on life has lost its meaning? Where is my vision?

Gordon Mote speaks into these questions because he has chosen to focus on life’s bigger picture. Gordon and his younger brother were both born blind, yet both clung to God’s direction for their lives. Their inspiring and energizing vision is embedded in their hearts. Gordon shares how God has used his blindness to see life through the eyes of his soul—eyes that remain focused on reaching the lost and restoring the discouraged. We hope you enjoy this revisited interview between Colleen and Gordon!

Show Notes:

All of Gordon’s resources, concert dates, contact information, etc., can be found here! You can also find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play!

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