Spicing Up Your Summer: Fabulous Family Vacations

I love photo apps that bring to our fingertips our wondrous world! Pristine blue waters, towering snow-covered mountains, bursts of sun breaking through mountain tops, or the glow reflected off a glassy lake at sunset.

But why just look at photos when, instead, you could make a big splash with your family this summer by going to one of these places? No matter your budget, possibilities abound!

A Few Vacation Ideas

If you haven’t planned a few days away or even something longer, consider these ideas:

  • Camping: No matter where you live, there’s probably a campground nearby. There are two types of camping . . . rugged and “glamping.” The latter usually involves beds, plumbing, and electrical outlets. I’m more of a glamper . . . where I stay in a lodge, cottage, B&B, or lakeside cabin (with indoor plumbing). Rugged camping, which usually involves a tent and a sleeping bag on the ground, is also fantastic. I can attest to that, after having backpacked through the Sierras years ago.
  • Staycation: We’ve also done several of these. We planned fun day trips within an hour’s drive, and we saved on hotel costs by sleeping at home. We went boating and fishing, visited an amusement park, built tents out of bedsheets for “tent night” (as close to rugged camping I want to get). Go online and look up “Entertainment” in your city, and see what pops up.
  • Water parks: Who isn’t up for making a splash when the temperature is over-the-top blistering hot? Throw in some pool games, a deck of cards, and sunscreen for sure, and play like you did when you were a kid.
  • Make it a spa day: Apps like Groupon have some great discounts for activities. Pamper yourself with some peace and quiet at a great price.
  • Take an electronic vacation: Turn off all things electronic . . . yep, all—except the fridge and air conditioning! No smart devices, no computers, no television. Just shut down and breathe. Let’s see how long you can last on that one. Your kids may be amazed at how fun you are if they can see your face, play games with you, and laugh together.

Let Me Hear from You

That’s just a few ideas. Now let me know what you have come up with.

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