Double-Dare: “What Would Happen If I . . . ?”

We all have wondered, What would happen if I dreamt up ideas filled with spontaneity, the unknown, a bit of risk, a thrill—and actually pursued that dream?

How many of us let loose long enough to find out what would happen?

Often, when we grow up, our joy wanes. We lose our childlike curiosity. I realized not long ago that I had lost some of that joy. I hadn’t laughed in a while, or gone outside for a leisurely walk, or fallen into my soft, cozy pillows for an afternoon nap.


Adult responsibility tends to smother spontaneity.

I know, we all have things to do . . . we’re all on the go. But when we get so busy that we lose touch with our own sense of wonder, we’re breaking a connection with the essence of life. Proverbs 17:22 says,

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

Go for It!

Your “What would happen if I . . . ?” moments are longing to be realized, and these childlike moments often become part of a bigger story! So, go for it!

I’ve listed some ideas below. Use them as a jumping-off point to dream up your own, and think outside the box with courage and joy. The only catch? Clue me in too! I want to hear your “What happened when you DID . . .” story.

Family of three lying on grass and blows bubbles
Image from Photodune.

What if . . .

  • You found a park and played on the swings
  • You smiled and waved at a child
  • You gave money to a homeless person, thinking nothing of how he or she would spend it
  • You payed it forward—twice in one day
  • You took a sumptuous bath instead of a hurried shower
  • You actually savored every bit of dinner
  • You finger-painted
  • You colored a design celebrating YOU and hung it on the fridge
  • You took a nap instead of exercising
  • You turned off all electronics for an hour
  • You read a children’s book
  • You played fetch with the dog
  • You didn’t answer a single e-mail the whole day
  • You stayed in your jammies all day
  • You asked “Why?” about something troubling you
  • You said, “I’m sorry”
  • You had a surprise lunch with your kid at school

Let Me Hear from You

Now, what happened when you . . . ?  I can’t wait to hear!

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