Seven Steps to a Spectacular Life

Christ came to set us free, first and foremost from ourselves. Until and unless you choose to accept what He has allowed, you will never be free. If you purpose to cultivate the skills that I’m going to share with you today, you’ll change your life and be liberated to live with hope and peace.

I promise.

In fact, you will one day look back and find that the disaster or difficulty you hated most when it happened gave you the life you longed for all along.

So grab a piece of paper and write these letters down the left side: R E F R A M E.

Reframing is a term often used in support and recovery groups; it’s learning to look at life through different lenses and see a much bigger, brighter picture than we could have imagined. When we reframe life, we take off our bitter, resentful, victim glasses and put on lenses that see what is possible: a deeper purpose and greater plan unfolding. If you’re up for it, let’s jump in. Each step builds upon the other, so no shortcuts. You must be totally honest, and God’s presence is necessary. In fact, each time you work on reframing, ask the Lord to guide your thoughts, quiet your feelings, and transform your soul.

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R—REFLECT: Ask yourself these questions: What led to where you are today? What were you expecting? What has been lost . . . what plans or dreams did you have? What decisions have been made that were helpful or hurtful? What have you felt about life and God to this point? Be absolutely honest, and take your time.

E—EXAMINE: Where are you now? Stuck, bitter, empty, in pain, lonely? Take a thorough, clear-eyed inventory of where you are today. Have you given up? Lost friends? Walked away from your faith? Do you have any hope? Where is your hope found—in God or your wishes? If it’s in what you wish for, it’s false hope. The only hope that doesn’t disappoint is found in God’s Word and promises.

F—FIND SUPPORT: There are very few trustworthy people, but they’re out there. Usually they have been deeply wounded, which makes them empathetic, sturdy, good listeners, accepting, gracious, and godly. Ask the Lord to help you find at least two people who will support you.

R—RENEW your commitments: Write down what you are committed to. Start with virtues that are important to you. Are you committed to accepting what God allows, even if it means enduring pain? Commit to the fruit of the Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and faithfulness, along with honesty, courage, forgiveness, humility, the study of Scripture, and authenticity. Place your commitments in a special spot, and read them out loud every morning or every night.

A—AFFIRM: Affirm your willingness to change, grow, and courageously move forward. Affirm this in others as well. Find something positive to say to at least three people each day. Observe creation and thank the Lord for what He has provided. Find the positive in each situation.

M—MINDFULLY MOVE FORWARD: Do not make decisions based on feelings but based on your commitments. Feed your mind with Scripture, and be mindful of your physical wellness—diet, exercise, health, sleep. Treat yourself and others well. Seek God’s wisdom and direction. Being mindfully aware will open your eyes to incredible opportunities.

E—EXPLORE: Where has God placed you? What options are you willing to pursue? Let go of being comfortable. Utilize new skills such as resiliency, determination, and tolerance, and embrace each moment of life.

Where will you begin?

Let Me Hear from You

It’s your turn. Where do you want to be this time next year, next month, next week? Are you willing to be used by God . . . His way? What are you afraid of? What’s the worst thing that can happen from reframing life as it is       today . . . and what if you don’t? I would love to hear your story and help you rebuild and reframe your life. How can we do that together?

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