Star Charts

Charts are everywhere.

We have navigational charts, weather charts, score charts, charts for accomplishing tasks, and charts for measuring progress.

When my kids were little, I would make “chore” charts. When the chore was accomplished, a shiny star sticker was put on the chart . . . and they’d receive two stars if their attitudes were good in the process.

It all worked well until . . . until I had a child whose abilities were not measurable and progress was documented by physicians, specialists, and educational experts . . . who don’t have star charts. I had to learn a new way to celebrate his strengths and accomplishments, which began with my examination of what Christ views as important. Adjusting to my son’s special needs was a humble awakening for me.

Actually, it was more like being hit in the head, but about six inches lower, a straight shot into my soul.

I realized that somewhere in humanity’s becoming, we learn to be “human doings” instead of “human beings.”

Give ’Em Stars, Stars, Stars!

Somewhere we become people who are positively reinforced by star charts. And as we age, societal awards, accolades, and applause become our gold stars.

For a moment, take an honest look at what we often consider to be worthy of gold stars.

  • Have you ever believed someone to be spiritually mature because of godly things he or she does? We give ’em stars, stars, stars!
  • Have you ever admired someone who is wealthy because of the fine things he or she has? We give ’em stars, stars, stars!
  • Have you ever esteemed someone who is successful because of material things he or she worked hard for? We give ’em stars, stars, stars!

You’re getting it. And along the way, we learn to value people by what they do.

But have you ever found in Scripture God placing value or applauding our growth like this? Nope, not once.

In fact, Psalm 139 shows us what God values in His children:

  • God values us because He formed us, knows us, and goes with us wherever we go.
  • His thoughts of us are precious and too numerous to count. Further, there are no qualifications or conditions to God’s love; no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • We are valued because the God who formed the earth and seas and everything else (which He said was good) formed you and me, and all He makes is spectacular.

When we change the way of defining what we consider to be of importance, we become free . . . free to be real and humbly realize each person is outstanding, remarkable, fantastic, amazing, and loved without condition.

You are magnificent because you are human—because you are God’s unique creation.

A Good Place to Start

I made a short list which keeps my heart in check and my mind focused on truth. I asked this question: “What is most important as we grow up in Christ . . . what would He have on His star chart?”

I have learned that He values . . .

  1. Our character rather than our abilities
  2. Our integrity rather than our capabilities
  3. Our humility rather than our achievements
  4. Our motivations rather than our successes
  5. Our surrender rather than our superiority
  6. Our honesty rather than our expertise
  7. Our dependence rather than our competence
  8. Our grace rather than our knowledge
  9. Our efforts rather than our proficiency
  10. Our wholeness rather than our happiness

Let Me Hear from You

If this has caused you to reflect or even reconsider what is most valuable, I would love to hear from you.

Question: What qualities could you add to the list? (After all, you are one marvelous and magnificent person!) You can leave a comment by clicking here.