Clay's StoryBelow is an excerpt from a note I received from my friend Annette Monts Falls. She gave me permission to share it with you.

On Sunday, May 19, 1985, in Boulder, Colorado, God orchestrated events to save my own life through the cessation of fetal movement of my third son named Clayton Alexander Falls. This was the shattering end of my third birth experience in a four year time frame, beginning with the unexpected loss of my firstborn, Taylor Monts Falls, on May 21, 1981, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was the eve of our highly anticipated move into our first real home. Taylor lived a short number of hours after birth but forever left a single printed footprint before blossoming wings on May 22. Brandon Montgomery Falls followed nine and a half months later on March 7, 1982, spending his first month in the same NICU where his brother died. Then, after much joy, a job loss, and a relocation to Boulder, CO, I was determined to have a final healthy, normal birth experience. It wasn’t to be. This is the beginning of our story of how Clay saved my life then suffered severe consequences from a torn lung soon after his birth. All our lives and hopes and dreams shattered in the blink of an eye.

God has cradled us in Hands of Grace in ways that leave the profound mark of the Potter upon us and those we meet. He has shaped us into vessels of His Glory by His purposes and plans. The journey has been long and hard. The potter’s wheel has often seemed to spin out of control; yet in all things, we have learned that HIS HANDS have held us the entire voyage, transforming us into the beautiful vessels He has intended for us to become. To God be all the glory as we live our lives in the hands of His Amazing Grace. (Annette Monts Falls)

The pages of history prove that life is hard. Just as Annette told her story, you have one too. You are not alone in this world, though at times it may feel like it. I share Annette’s story for two reasons.

First, because you have a story and you matter. Your life—from birth to childhood, teens to adulthood, mid-life to the lonely aging years—has significance. No one, regardless of brains or brawn, religion or race, weight or wealth, successes or sorrows, is insignificant to the Creator. God the Father sent His Son to die for your sins in order to offer you eternal life with Him. You have a choice to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. When you accept God’s free gift of eternal life, He will hold you in His gracious hands from that moment on. He is your strength, guide, comforter, caregiver, friend, and faithful shepherd. You will never walk alone. Never will you face a moment of trial without His presence, His peace, and His promise. The trials remain, but He is your refuge. You cannot make it alone. God promises to protect you as the storms blow through season after season after season.

Second, I share Annette’s story because I want to hear yours. I want to hear how God has helped you. He remains constant when everything else spins out of control. We must retell such stories so others will find hope. Throughout the pages of Deuteronomy, Moses implored God’s people to pass His truth on to their children and grandchildren. Moses commanded the Israelites to write these truths down, place them on doors and by the beds and all around so they would remember God’s faithfulness. Let us never forget that His ways and His understanding surpass ours. But God’s love provides amazing grace and helps us find peace in all circumstances.

Your Story

I would love to hear your story. Because the Lord does not waste one moment of our lives, there is significance in sharing with each other the message of Christ and the magnificent story He has given you. Feel free to leave your story in the comments section below.