DependenceFor most of us, asking for help is difficult. I really don’t prefer it; some of you may not as well. Yet, God lets us know time and time again that we need help. After all, He refers to us most often as sheep—the most difficult and demanding of any livestock on earth. Admitting need is really about overcoming pride, not losing our strength . . . ouch!

Here are some passages that I found comforting as I learned to depend on my Lord for help. Whatever your needs are today, take comfort from God and His Word.

When afraidJoshua 1; Isaiah 41
BewilderedIsaiah 55:8–9
AlonePsalm 13
Unsure of your directionPsalm 19; 37; 119
In sufferingJames 1; 1 Peter 1; 5; 2 Corinthians 1
Needing a promise from GodPsalm 40
In weaknessPsalm 18; 46
On a tough roadPsalm 121
DoubtLamentations 3
Seeking wisdomProverbs (one chapter a day)
Authentic livingJames

Dear friend, let go of your desired independence, break the chains of pride, and search God’s truth for whatever your needs may be.