An Interview with Priscilla Shirer

An Anchor of Hope in the Depths of Grief

An Interview with Priscilla Shirer

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An Anchor of Hope in the Depths of Grief

You probably have seen Priscilla Shirer speaking on a stage or read one of her many books or Bible studies. She is a powerhouse in the kingdom of God, yet behind the scenes she and her family have been dealing with incredible loss and grief over the last couple years. Join Colleen Swindoll Thompson and Priscilla Shirer for a candid conversation about the many facets of grief.

Listen in to learn:

  • The gifts we can give others on their grieving journey
  • How grief is a process
  • Why we are able to grieve with hope
  • How to navigate work, life, and relationships while grieving
  • The glimpses of God’s grace in the losses

We pray this episode encourages your soul and spirit and helps you grip God’s anchor of hope in your grief.

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