Interview with Bob Lepine

Growing Old Together: Getting It Right Before It All Goes Wrong

An Interview with Bob Lepine

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Growing Old Together: Getting It Right Before It All Goes Wrong

Left to the mundaneness of everyday life and the challenges of each hard season, the natural drift of couples is toward isolation and separation. Without intention to grow together through the ups and downs, it’s easy to find yourself and your spouse living like roommates, just co-existing in the same house.

In this episode, Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and Bob Lepine, the teaching pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and previous longtime cohost of FamilyLife Today®️, dive into the keys of his latest book, Build a Stronger Marriage: The Path to Oneness.

Listen in to learn:

  • Where to start when disillusioned with marriage
  • How to pull back and prioritize
  • What to do when only one partner is willing to work
  • How to move toward resolve when in conflict

Show Notes:

If you find your marriage needing a dose of hope and oneness, we pray this episode helps give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.
To learn more about Bob Lepine and his new book, find him on Facebook.

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