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How “The Least of These” Change Us and the World

An Interview with David Glover

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How “The Least of These” Change Us and the World

David Glover’s life and ministry changed when his grandson, Zachariah, was born with hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and a myriad of other disorders. David poured his life and love into Zach by caring for his grandson and the needs of their family until Zach passed away unexpectedly at age four.

With refreshing honesty and humility, David reveals how God uses suffering and pain in our lives to humble us, change us, and use us in ways we never imagined.
The impact of Zach’s life was so profound that David realized there was a sizeable hole in Christian special-needs ministry. Through the suffering and grief, David says:

God is using people with special needs to refine us by making us become genuine, transparent, and authentic . . . they don’t wear masks but live on the truest level of sincerity, honesty, and purity.

Though David’s grandson never said a word, never took a step, endured 15 surgeries, was diagnosed with multiple disabilities, and died unexpectedly at age four, his life’s purpose has had a profound impact on numerous lives.

Listen in as we revisit this conversation between Colleen and David!

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