Safety: Can I Count On You?

Safety: Can I Count On You?

I first met Lawrence Daly back in 2010. Larry was working with a mutual friend of ours to investigate a sexual assault case. The victim was a child with disabilities. They were working out of an office next to mine, so I occasionally drifted over and asked questions. Okay, maybe it was more like a mad dash than an occasional drift, if I’m going to be flat-out honest.

What sent me running over to get their perspectives? I dedicated my children to the Lord as toddlers—a vow to the Lord I took more seriously than any other earthly endeavor.

When I dedicated my children to the Lord, I promised Him that I would raise them in a loving, protected, Christian environment, no matter what. While I have made countless mistakes over the years as a mother, I did not falter on this promise.

My children are grown now, but ask any of them today and, without hesitation, they would say that their spiritual and soul care was as much of a priority as feeling loved, safe, and protected.

During my single-mother days and through years of dark challenges and physical and emotional stress, it was terribly difficult to keep that promise. It would have been easy for me to turn on the TV as a babysitter.

Staying connected and involved with our children can be an exhausting task, but a damaged soul is much harder to mend than one that has been safely guided with integrity and wisdom.

What Are You Doing?

Proverbs 14:26 reads . . .

Those who fear the LORD are secure; he will be a refuge for their children.

What are you doing as a parent, pastor, church leader, childcare provider, or youth worker to be a refuge for the children under your care? Are your priorities clearly defined and communicated by what you say and do? Do you listen well?

Have you neglected to follow up on something because of your own discomfort? If so, pray for courage and push through the discomfort, because your priority is to honor the Lord with the lives He has entrusted to you!

Protect your children.
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Continue to learn new strategies on protecting the children in your care, especially if they live with disabilities. If you observe questionable or uncharacteristic behavior in your little ones, don’t drift . . . make a mad dash—actively ask questions, dig deeper, and watch them with hawk eyes.

The Best Time? NOW!

Larry Daly has allowed Insight for Living Ministries to provide you with his Child Abuse Questionnaire to measure how you’re doing as an agent of protection.

This evaluation can be used repeatedly because it’s timeless. Our communities and churches ought to be secure, safe, God-honoring refuges for the next generation. I challenge you—I beg you—download and take this inventory today. Retake it consistently.

Let Me Hear from You

Insight for Living Ministries offers a sexual abuse topical page. If you need any further direction or help reporting or addressing issues, please contact me or our Biblical Counseling team.

Starting today, let’s recommit to protecting our kids!

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