Mike Foster

The Significance of Setbacks

An Interview with Mike Foster

If you have ever felt put down, embarrassed, or discredited by what you had no control over, you are not alone. This world loves to parade the “perfect” and “popular,” causing most of us to hide our flaws and imperfections.

Mike Foster knows this all too well. What started as a spectacular day on the lake ended like no one could have imagined.

Wrestling through the voices of judgment, shame, and insecurity, Mike was hopeless, but he discovered the greatest gift often comes through the worst of experiences. If you need hope, feel like an outcast, or don’t know how to move forward, listen to Mike Foster’s story.

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Interview Questions

Colleen talks with Mike Foster, author and founder of People of the Second Chance.

  1. How did you launch your organization, People of the Second Chance?
  2. What do you do to find peace when you don’t have closure from the painful events of the past?
  3. What are the two questions we ask ourselves every day, and why are they important?
  4. Why is our need for acceptance such a powerful force in our lives?
  5. What is a “friendship bench,” and how is it a model for the church?
  6. How can the church lower the guard of looking “perfect”?
  7. How is it a comfort knowing we aren’t in the driver’s seat of our life?
  8. Why is it so important to validate a person’s pain?
  9. What is the power of physical touch, and why is it essential to healing?
  10. What is one of the largest threats to the health of the church, and how can we guard against it?
  11. How does judging others reveal more about ourselves than the object of our criticism?
  12. What do you mean when you say, “Someone who has a broken identity has a broken life”?
  13. What is the most important thing I need to be reminded of every day?
  14. What keeps you from feeling like you are worthy of love?
  15. What words of comfort do you have for someone struggling with a difficult season?
  16. What resources do you have on your Web site?

Let Me Hear from You

There’s nothing like the gift of grace. It’s what Christ came for . . . to offer hope, meaning, value, forgiveness, and eternal life for those who put their trust in Him. Freedom is a choice. God offers you—the ashamed, the broken and bruised, the failed and forgotten—the gift of abundant grace. Christ celebrates our lives amid our messes because His love is unconditional.

Reframing Ministries is here to help you find freedom in Jesus Christ. To embrace that freedom, Jesus calls us to release our grip on perfection (an idol) and allow him to give you hope as you have never known. Contact Reframing Ministries for help, healing, and renewed hope at Reframingministries.com.

To share your stories, struggles, and needs, please write to reframingministries@insight.org. We are here, and we are people of the second chance.

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About Mike Foster

Mike Foster is the founder and Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance. Mike is dedicated to helping the outcasts, prodigals, and those without hope find meaning and purpose. He helps people learn that setbacks can be celebrated and that failure can be a path to discovering who you really are and what you are called to do. Mike has been featured on Good Morning America and in The New York Times.

Mike Foster Resources

  • Web site: Secondchance.org
  • Book: People of the Second Chance: A Guide to Bringing Live-Saving Love to the World

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