book: Love that Lasts by Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

Love That Lasts

An Interview with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

Dating, romance, marriage, sex . . . are you satisfied with your relationships, or do you long for something better? In an “anything-goes” culture that promotes sexual freedom, we are flooded with photoshopped pictures, pornography, sexting, and casual hook-ups.

Addictions are spiraling out of control, the #METOO outcries are louder than ever, and relationships that last are few and far between.

Few couples have examined relational and marital success like Jeff and Alyssa Bethke. In this very candid interview, we talk openly about pornography, body image, and current cultural trends.

Instead of becoming another tragic statistic, the Bethkes believe relationships as God designed are possible.

Based on their newly released book, Love That Lasts: How We Discovered God’s Better Way for Love, Dating, Marriage, and Sex, the Bethkes offer sound truth and practical habits that are life-giving for all relationships.

If you are longing for something better, this interview is a great place to start.

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Interview Questions

  1. How did your early exposure to pornography shape your thinking about how Christians should engage culture?
  2. What advice do you give to people who say they are dating someone who is addicted to pornography?
  3. Why do women need to be especially cautious about relationships with men who have addiction issues?
  4. How did Alyssa’s struggle with anorexia shape her understanding on how God and Jeff see her?
  5. Why is it helpful to think of the love for a spouse or child as something active and dynamic?
  6. Why is conflict not necessarily an indicator of a bad relationship?
  7. How have you learned to appreciate the differences in communicating needs as a couple?
  8. How have you been mentored as a couple, and why is being mentored valuable?
  9. What can churches do to promote mentor relationships?
  10. What does it mean to wait on the Lord, and what does a Christian gain by it?
  11. How does your family celebrate the Sabbath?
  12. How do you organize your time to protect your Sabbath?
  13. Why is knowing oneself key to having a healthy relationship?
  14. How does God stand by us when we are rejected by loved ones?

Let Me Hear from You

Love . . . does it make your world go ’round, or have you given up all hope of ever enjoying love as God designed it? Dating, love, marriage, and sex in God’s plan offer incredible joy.

However, it takes work to have a healthy, whole relationship; it doesn’t just happen. Those who follow the current cultural beliefs and behaviors will never enjoy all a relationship can be.

That is a tough truth to accept, but that is where we must begin when cultivating all our relationships. For those who are deeply addicted . . . there is hope.

For those who are terribly lonely . . . there is hope. For those trying to find what is meaningful, lasting, and of eternal value relationally . . . there is hope.

How are your relationships today? How does one find a love that truly lasts?

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About Jefferson and Alyssa BethkeBethke's

Jefferson and Alyssa have created an online presence that ministers to millions of viewers around the world. Their message? Authentic faith! A voice of reason in a world of compromise, they address subjects like addiction, pornography, marriage, family life, faith, conviction, and truth.

Their new book, Love That Lasts: How We Discovered God’s Better Way for Love, Dating, Marriage, and Sex, offers practical tools and wise insights on all things relational. They invite us into their home each week with a Vlog, sharing how they manage to make love and family life incredibly fun and firmly founded on the truths of Scripture.

They are passionate about thinking deeply, living fully, and loving wholeheartedly. Jeff and Alyssa reside in Hawaii with their two adorable children.

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