Why God Allows Us to Run Out of Hope

Why God Allows Us to Run Out of Hope

Interview with Wayne Stiles

We’re doing something a bit different today.

The next five minutes may be life changing for you because it’s about hope . . . or where is God when we run out of hope, really. It’s part of my interview with Wayne Stiles, author of Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing. This interview segment offers a profound perspective on life struggles, hope, and faith.

God’s Hope in the Roundhouse

Did you hear that question—“What do our raw emotions say about us when God takes away something wonderful?” Joseph had years to contemplate his answer to that question. I would imagine those years excavated the very depths of his soul. Yet when we read the Bible’s account of Joseph, we quickly skip over his “roundhouse” years—those years when he was beaten, brutally and unfairly bound, betrayed, forgotten. Instead, we jump ahead to the happy ending, because we don’t like to read of the prolonged pain that God allowed in Joseph’s life.

In spite of our attempts to avoid discomfort and pain, they are essential ingredients in our sanctification. We can run out of hope—the hope we generate on our own, that is. But, just as God was with Joseph, He is with each of us—ready to fill our vacant, parched souls with His hope.

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Let Me Hear from You

Are you “circling the roundhouse” these days? Are you hanging by a thread, or has that last thread of hope already broken? Do you trust that God is with you . . . or that He even exists?

These are some of the toughest questions we can ask of ourselves, my friend. You are not alone as you wait for help. Please reach out. I’ve been there many times, even to the point I about gave up my faith. I understand. What areas of your life have left you dangling by a thread?

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