8 Ways I Am Blessed

8 Ways I Am Blessed

Courage is not natural to one’s character. But it can appear when a person is forced to face fears and depend on Christ. My suffering with a disability has cultivated within me courageous character.

As I’ve thought about it, I’ve discovered 8 ways I am blessed. Do any apply to you too?

  1. My struggle with being misunderstood because of my disability has cultivated within me grace and mercy. I am blessed.
  2. Being hearing impaired has caused me many sorrows. Yet, I am able to hear God’s voice without distraction. I am blessed.
  3. Those who are visually impaired cannot see God’s creation—the beauty of nature, the joy of a smile, the sadness of a tear, the fascination of colors, nor the uniqueness of another person. However, my perspective, my imagination, and my need to touch reach to the core of my soul. I am blessed.
  4. People who suffer with pain or disabilities depend on others. Over time, this has revealed my pride, transforming and humbling my character. I am blessed.
  5. I know my disability might cause others to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and even fearful. Yet, because of this distance, I am vastly aware of God’s presence. I am blessed.
  6. The parking sign for the disabled that hangs in every lot bothers many non-disabled people, but they may miss the wonderful truth that Christ welcomes us all to the throne of grace, which is never far away. I am blessed.
  7. Most people who suffer or are disabled need help each day to do what most people do without thinking. In this dependent state, I am deeply connected to all God’s promises for those who depend on Him. I am blessed.
  8. Few disabilities are curable, yet because of my struggle, I am acquainted with humanity’s broken condition and not bound by shame or fear. As a result, my soul is filled with authentic freedom and God’s unconditional acceptance. I am blessed.

The challenges I face in this life have allowed me to recognize how profoundly I am blessed by Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.

Yes, I am most blessed. How about you?

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