Laurie Wallin

Embracing Our Weirdness with Wonderful Strength

An Interview with Laurie Wallin

Wonderfully weird . . . not many of us would put those two words together. However, Laurie Wallin—certified life coach, speaker, teacher, and gifted author—reveals that God has in place a master plan for our lives that is, indeed, weird and wonderful.

Most often, we get stuck in the frustrations of being different—or in the differences of others—and can’t see God’s design in it all. As a mother of four, Laurie found herself at the bottom of a dark pit, depressed and deeply discouraged by the overwhelming challenges of raising a child with differences.

In this candid interview, Laurie openly talks about times in her life when, in spite of her devotion to parenting and prayer, things went from bad to worse and she felt as though God wasn’t hearing her cries for help.

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Eventually, Laurie realized the Lord was using these painfully complex challenges for a greater purpose . . . His sovereign purpose.

As a result of submitting to His will and His ways, Laurie’s perspective changed.

First and foremost, she learned that God’s design for every life is different and that He offers significant strengths to be used in unique ways. Laurie speaks very honestly about hardships, human differences, helping others, and finding hope in what may appear to be totally hopeless situations.

Interview Questions

How did your book Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful: Embrace Your Quirks and Live Your Strengths start coming together?

  1. What are some things that get us “stuck”?
  2. How do you turn your challenges into strengths?
  3. How do you turn what we may see as negative into positive?
  4. How have your experiences with your daughter changed your perspective?
  5. What was it like when you didn’t see any change in your daughter?
  6. How did your challenges affect your marriage?
  7. How does the program you developed fit into the church setting?
  8. What was your favorite chapter to write, and why?
  9. What encouragement can you offer those who are at the bottom of the pit?
  10. What final comments or encouragement can you share with us?

Let Me Hear from You

Psalm 139 tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made—a truth that is hard to accept when some people are so very different, especially when a disability or mental difficulty has been diagnosed.

We know God never makes a mistake, yet we often get stuck in thinking people who are different or diagnosed with a disability are to be discounted rather than part of God’s divine plan.

Maybe you feel that you are a mistake . . . as if you are not good enough, not strong enough, or too overcome with worry or frustration.

  • Have you ever considered that your unique ways are gifts from God to be used for His purposes?
  • Are you stuck on the negative side of a diagnosis, unable to see that God has a plan to use all of us for His purposes?

What are you struggling with today?

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Laurie WallinYou can purchase a copy of Laurie Wallin’s book, Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful, here.

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