Being Calm in the Chaos

Life was relatively manageable until about three weeks ago. And then the storm hit—“BANG!” “BOOM!” “BLAST!”—almost like those old Batman comic strips.


I’ve not written about this, but my younger brother has been battling a very serious form of cancer for nine months. Watching his suffering is more than I can put into words. If we all would allow suffering to transform our souls as he has, this world would be a much better place. He had surgery last week, and it was successful. But there were some impossible circumstances surrounding the events that were terribly difficult for our family.


My son, Jon, who has disabilities, needed to have his body chemistry and functioning examined. The news felt as though I was hearing of his diagnosis for the first time. Thankfully, the prognosis is very positive. Unfortunately, he is in pain, his care is financially draining, and the treatment requires two additional hours of care each day. I have hope, but it’s a bit hidden due to the additional caregiving requirements.


My health has not been super, and due to compounding chest pain and breathing difficulties, I spent a weekend in the hospital. The doctor ruled out a heart attack but, as is often the case with caregivers, my physical, psychological, and emotional systems have suffered. So Jon and I are in the process of health overhauls.

Learning from Christ

You know what amazes me the most? I don’t ever read in Scripture that Christ’s life was hit with Bangs, Booms, and Blasts even though He faced many trials. Here are some things I’m learning from Him.

  • Christ modeled faith. He trusted God the Father fully, surrendered completely, and obeyed perfectly.
  • Christ knew who was in control. He was sent by His father and depended on God to work out what was impossible, unmanageable, and unbearable.
  • Christ established boundaries. When He needed time away, He took it. When He was tired, He rested. When He was challenged, He sought His Father’s wisdom and direction.
  • Christ achieved His purpose . . . to trust and obey His heavenly Father.

Perhaps a storm has hit you and you’re wondering how you’re going to handle it. Though our circumstances may be different, pain and pressure will inevitably push us in one of two directions: we can lose heart or we can gain hope. Let’s learn to share our burdens and lean on Christ together. Let’s pursue hope together.

Let Me Hear from You

I would love to hear how the Lord has helped you.

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