Challenges of Siblings, Part 2

How You Can Help Siblings of Special-Needs Kids

Siblings of a special-needs child are greatly affected by the shift their family must make. Many times they feel left out, confused, isolated, and unable to find a place to freely express their struggles. Here are 10 very simple ways you can help kids who have a disabled brother or sister:

  1. Listen without criticizing them, judging them, or telling them how to feel.
  2. Attend their sporting events.
  3. Assist with their transportation needs.
  4. Take them to the movies, the mall, or any place they enjoy that’s away from the house.
  5. Engage with them in their favorite hobby.
  6. Ask their parents how the sibling(s) are doing.
  7. Celebrate their accomplishments at school or at church.
  8. Send them funny cards and encouraging notes through the mail.
  9. Offer to help them with school projects and extended assignments.
  10. Play. Take a walk or a run; lift weights; play board games; offer creative expression by coloring, drawing, sketching, and painting together; get outside; or provide laughter.