Honoring Men of Character

Man with Glasses

As a more serious complement to our previous post, which shed light on the humorous side of being a man, I’ve created my own list, honoring men of character. Men who are called on to provide loving care to individuals who cannot function on their own face sobering realities and unique demands. As you carry out these honorable roles, I hope you find the following list fulfilling to your soul. Your service is invaluable, and we are grateful for you.

Great Things about Being a Male Caregiver

  1. A 30-second conversation with your autistic child may be considered real progress.
  2. You are thankful any time (moment?) your home is clean.
  3. You are thankful to wear underwear every time you change the diapers of your aging, ill parent.
  4. Preferred hair color means nothing because your loved one doesn’t have hair due to chemotherapy treatments.
  5. Slowly shopping for Christmas is treasured because this is the last Christmas you will have together.
  6. Any car ride is appreciated because you can see, and hear, and feel, and speak.
  7. Though your wedding plans took care of themselves, you lead your home with far more tenderness.
  8. Problems in public are meaningless.
  9. You wash the hands and feet of another, seeing the nails Jesus bore for us all.
  10. Your tears reveal humility and honor, grace, and mercy—the calling of Christ for us all.