An interview with Todd Turner

What to Know Before Ending Your Marriage

An Interview with Todd Turner

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What to Know Before Ending Your Marriage

Studies have shown that evangelical Christians have a higher-than-average divorce rate. Marriages are struggling, children are caught in the crosshairs, and churches often don’t know how to help. In this episode, Colleen Swindoll Thompson and Todd Turner, the podcast host of Unyoked, dive into how to navigate divorce and recovery with grace.

Listen in to learn:

* Five wise suggestions if your relationship is rocky
* What the real effects of divorce are
* How the church has done a poor job ministering to those who are divorced
* The three don’ts after divorce

Show Notes

We pray this episode helps give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. To learn more about Todd Turner, his podcast, and book, Unyoked Choices, visit

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