Reading the Bible

Those In-Between Days

While reading some Old Testament stories the other day, I began to wonder about the days, months, seasons, and years that passed which were not included in the Scriptures.

The stories of Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Elijah, and David contain incredible accounts of God’s provision, protection, and providence. Though we can read these narratives in one sitting, their long lives included day-to-day things they thought, said, and did that we will never know about.

So for a moment, join me in some wonderings.

  • What did Abraham think about as he walked with Isaac to Moriah or while he chopped the wood for the altar fire?
  • Building the ark took Noah more years than most people live today. Did people gossip? Did Noah want to defend himself and even yell at those who mocked him?
  • I wonder if Joseph ever threw a fit, hit the walls, or stomped his feet when he was forgotten in the dungeon for two years?
  • How about Elijah who sat by the Kerith Brook, his only water source, and watched it dry up? Did he have a few words with God?
  • And think of the years David walked beside the sheep . . . those stinky, unruly animals. Did he get tired of their stubbornness or wish he had a pal to talk with?

We don’t have the answers, but we do know that as time passed, God was at work.

God is working in those in-between moments of your life too.

God Is with Us!

For all of us, life has a beginning and an ending on this earth. Though we may not herd sheep or build arks, time passes. We endure hours of waiting, sleepless nights, difficult days, and seasons of joy and grief—all of which contribute to the stories of our lives.

Believe it or not, I think many of those quiet, silent in-between days are more significant than we realize. Why? Because they build our character and become part of who we are.

  • As a parent and caregiver to my son, I’ve been learning that God’s deepest work has happened in silent waiting rooms, by hospital beds, on long drives to and from therapists, while folding laundry, and in prayer.
  • I’ve had words with God about what He has allowed to happen, thrown a tantrum or two, and taken many long walks to cool off.

But God walked with me through it all.

I don’t know where you are in the story of your life. Maybe you feel dried up and wonder if God will really finish His good work in and through you. Because God doesn’t change and will never leave you, I can say with confidence that He is part of every moment of your life. God stands by your side. And He will bring you through—just as He has done for His people throughout history.

Let Me Hear from You

If you need a voice of hope or a reminder of truth, I hope you will reach out here. Maybe you have some questions. Why not write them here? There may be no answer, but knowing someone else understands brings hope to press on.

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