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How Can I Find Hope Again?

An Interview with Nancy Guthrie

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How Can I Find Hope Again?

Like fuel is for our cars and vitamins are for our bodies, hope is for the soul. Without hope, life continues to swirl around us, but we grind to a sluggish stop. Despair, disillusionment, and discontentment can set in.

Few understand hopelessness like Nancy Guthrie. After losing one child to a rare genetic disorder, Nancy and her husband were surprised to find she was pregnant again—only to have another child grow in her womb, be welcomed into loving arms, then pass into eternity within a few months. Where do you find hope after the loss of two children? How do you get unstuck? The answer resides in the lens we look through.

If your fuel tank is low, Nancy’s words will help fill you with hope to move forward. We all endure times when it seems like nothing good will come from a situation or circumstance that is awful, painful, unexpected, and appears hopeless. We may know what Scripture says, but it doesn’t always fill the gaping wound with a wonderfully comforting balm. The truth is, the good comes after we have endured the bad for a while, after we’ve been comforted by the comfort of others, and after we’ve chosen to put our hope and trust in the One who endured the cross: Jesus Christ.

Have you run out of fuel? Is your spiritual or emotional tank on empty? Choose hope . . . choose to believe, to hope in Christ, and watch what unfolds.

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