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The Question That Never Goes Away

An Interview with Philip Yancey

We read in the Bible that God is good, loving, and faithful; yet we live in a world where horrible pain exists, and God seems anything but good, loving, and faithful. It’s one of life’s greatest conflicts. How do we live peacefully with this great tension? Author, speaker, as well as comforter to those who suffer is Philip Yancey; one who sheds incredible wisdom and insight on this conflict. If you have ever wondered “Why?” about life and suffering, you cannot miss this interview.

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Interview Questions

    1. How did you manage your disappointment with God when your father wasn’t healed?
    2. Why are we quick to assume that when bad things happen, our sin must be the cause?
  1. Why do times of hardship often lead to great spiritual growth?
  2. Why is it okay to periodically have doubts or anger toward God along your faith journey?
  3. What can the church learn from secular support groups about how to provide deep, meaningful care?
  4. What are some practical ways we can show love and care for one another?
  5. How do we keep our faith strong when it seems that God is unfair?
  6. Why is caring for one another one of the most powerful ways of demonstrating God’s love for us?
  7. Why is the Christian life a paradox: the more we give of ourselves, the more complete we become?
  8. What should we remember when we endure times of suffering?
  9. What do you say to those who are troubled by doubt in their faith journey?

Let Me Hear from You

From world terrorism and natural disasters to personal loss and unexplained pain, we are all haunted at some point by the question “Why?” Why me . . . why this . . .?”

Or maybe your question today is “Where was God when . . . ?” What part of life has been most difficult for you? Have you become stuck or angry?

Perhaps someone in the church has been the source of your pain. You are not alone, nor are you wrong for searching. You are in good company, my friend—Jesus Christ experienced the greatest mistreatment and judgment, and He offers us a way through life’s struggles. But we can’t do it alone.

If you’re hurting, PLEASE step onto the healing path and connect with Insight for Living Ministries. For Christians, transforming change in this world begins when we choose to serve and love one another. Today is the day your life can change by one phone call, letter, e-mail. What’s holding you back?

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About Philip Yancey

Philip YanceyFrom his earliest memories, Philip Yancey began wrestling with faith and belief in Jesus Christ in the midst of pain and suffering. He began work in Chicago as a journalist, editing the Campus Life youth magazine some 20 years ago. Currently he has been awarded 13 Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers. He currently has more than 15 million books in print, published in 35 languages worldwide. Philip lives with his wife Janet in the foothills of Colorado. Philip enjoys skiing, mountain climbing and biking, golf, international travel, nature, jogging, theology, reading, and classical music.

Philip Yancey Resources

You can find resources and information at Philip Yancey’s Web site, including an archive of books he has written.

Personal Recommendations for Reading, by Philip Yancey

  • Most Influential Books:
    • Augustine: Confessions
    • Frederick Buechner: Telling the Truth
  • Superior Books in Style and Christian Content:
    • Frederick Buechner: Telling the Truth; The Hungering Dark; The Magnificent Defeat; The Alphabet of Grace; Now and Then; The Sacred Journey; Peculiar Treasures; Wishful Thinking; The Book of Bebb; The Final Beast; Godric
  • Christian Essayists with Style:
    • G.K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy; St. Francis of Assisi; St. Thomas Aquinas; The Man Who Was Thursday; The Everlasting Man
    • C.S. Lewis: A Grief Observed; The Weight of Glory; The Four Loves
    • Dorothy Sayers: The Mind of the Maker; Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World
    • George MacDonald: Life Essential

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